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Welcome to the official website for Rolesville, North Carolina.

Rolesville is a small town nestled in northeastern Wake County just outside the capital city of Raleigh.  It is the second oldest town in Wake County and one of the fastest growing towns in the State of North Carolina for the past several years.  We welcome you to the official website for our community and invite you to learn more about this community that so many people love calling “home”.  Come visit our town and find out that we are a unique place to live, work, and play.

Rolesville Comprehensive Plan

The Rolesville Comprehensive Plan is entering its final stage, but there is still work to be done. We began in 2014 with the goal of creating a document to help shape the future of the Town. This process included meeting with stakeholder groups, citizens, and business owners; conducting polls to gauge public interest; and presenting drafts at open houses and other public events to get an idea of how it was coming along.

The Plan is a blueprint for growth, tackling Land Use, Transportation, Parks & Open Space, and Downtown. It will be used by elected officials, residents, developers, and town staff to help achieve those goals. It was last updated in 2007, so we felt it was time to reexamine these important topics and see how to better address the needs of the Town as it continues to grow.

The Town Board of Commissioners set August 1, 2017 for the public hearing to discuss the Plan. They are asking for the input from the citizens of Rolesville and those living in the Extra Territorial Jurisdiction (ETJ). Reach out to us with your questions, comments, and concerns one final time. Contact Danny Johnson, Kevin Lewis, or call 919-554-6517.

Waste Collection Changes

Some have heard that the Town is making some changes to the garbage and recycling collection services.  That is true and we want to pass along any and all information about the transition.  CLICK HERE to visit the page to give you all the details.  If your question is not answered, feel free to contact Town Hall at 919.556.3506.

Upcoming Special Events

Click here to get more information about our Family Movie Series.

Upcoming Camps

Click here for more information about our Summer Day Camp.

Click here for more information about Camp C.A.R.E.


CornerStone – Volume 17 Issue 2

The Parks and Recreation Department has lots of new classes, programs, special events, and trips planned!  We hope you get as excited about them as we are!  Click here to download a copy of Volume 17 Issue 2.

Have you ever been curious about all the services provided by the Town of Rolesville?  Have you ever wondered how to get in touch with someone at Town Hall on a specific subject?  Have you ever thought of how great it would be if all this was in one document?  Well, hopefully, we have met that demand.  It tells you all about the wonderful services, athletic leagues, classes, programs, and summer camps provided by the Town that so many of us call home.  If it doesn’t…it’ll let you know who to get in touch with to get those questions answered.  Take some time and look it over…we hope you find it informative.

Get Connected To Rolesville

Blackboard Connect Logo

Blackboard Connect  is a mass notification system that allows the Town to contact all businesses and residents in the community within minutes of an emergency. It also allows us to notify everyone about important community meetings or other community-related information, thereby improving overall communication.  Click here to visit the page to learn more about this system.

We want feedback from you!

What do you think of this website?  The Town of Rolesville is interested in how to inform, communicate, and serve you (the public) better.  Please tell us what you think about this new website and of how we can improve it better.  To give feedback, please email the Town Manager, Bryan Hicks, at bryan.hicks@rolesville.nc.gov.  We thank you in advance. 

About Us

The Town of Rolesville is a small town in northeastern Wake County in North Carolina.  Wake County is the largest county (by population) in the State of North Carolina and contains the state’s capital city of Raleigh.

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  • Mon 7/24/2017: Planning Board Meeting
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  • Wed 7/26/2017: Day Camp 7/24-7/28
  • Thu 7/27/2017: Day Camp 7/24-7/28
  • Fri 7/28/2017: Day Camp 7/24-7/28

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