There are some streets within the Town of Rolesville that are maintained by the town and some  maintained by the State of North Carolina Department of Transportation.  The roadways that are State maintained are:

  • South and North Main Street (US 401)
  • East Young Street (SR 1003)
  • West Young Street or Averette Road (SR 1945)
  • Rogers Road (SR 2052)
  • Burlington Mills Road (SR 2051)
  • Jonesville Road (SR 2226)
  • Chalks Road (SR 2054)
  • Jones Dairy Road (SR 2053).

All other streets are the town’s responsiblity.

From time to time, there may be questions or concerns about the roads within the corporate limits that are town maintained.  These concerns could relate to:

  • street signs (street names, stop signs, speed limit signs, safety signage, etc.)
  • potholes
  • concrete curb damage
  • sidewalk cracks
  • crosswalks
  • street sweeping
  • clean up after storms (winter snow and ice removal, tropical storm cleanup, etc.)

If you should have any questions regarding one of these matters, please contact Town Hall at 919.556.3506.