Garbage, Recycling, & Yard Waste

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The Town of Rolesville provides sanitation services to the residents and businesses of Rolesville.  Per the town ordinance, all residences and businesses are required to receive sanitation service.  There are three (3) separate services provided by the Town.

  • Garbage and/or solid waste
  • Recycling
  • Yard waste


The Town of Rolesville contracts with Waste Industries to collect residential garbage and solid waste.  This curbside collection, is on Wednesdays across town.  Garbage and recycling are , both picked up on the same day.

To sign up for collection, click here to fill out an online application for requesting service.  If you should have any problems, please contact Town Hall at 919.556.3506.

You may pay your waste bill online by clicking here.  Please note that there is a $2 convenience charge for this online service.  When paying your bill, you can choose whether to “create an account” associated with your garbage address or just simply “make a payment”.  If you decide to pay every month then the best route may be to set up the online account so as to save time and typing.  If you should have any issues or problems, do not hesitate to contact Town Hall at 919.556.3506.

There are several holiday dates that will affect collection.  For exact delays in services, please contact the Rolesville Town Hall at 919.556.3506.  The Town tries its best to stay in contact with all the citizens about various delays via the Blackboard Connect Service.  To find out more about this service, please visit the Blackboard Connect page under the Administration Department.

Many ask…what is and isn’t accepted with my garbage?  Click here to download an information flyer on all waste collection.  This flyer will tell what materials are and are not accepted.


The Town of Rolesville also contracts out the curbside collection of all residential yard waste.  This collection is done by a different contractor (Allen’s Tree Service) and is not picked up on the same schedule as garbage and recycling.  Yard waste would include limbs, leaves, grass, and other vegetative manner.  There are certain guidelines for this pick up that need to be followed.  Click here to download an informational flyer.  This flyer also lists the dates that yard waste will be collected.  If you have any questions that are not explained in the flyer, please contact Town Hall at 919.556.3506.


Wake County has serveral locations where miscellaneous trash is accepted.  Whether it be tires, household hazardous waste, paint, carpet, scrap metal, or even cooking oil…there is a place for it to be disposed.  Simply click here to visit the County’s “Trash Takers” website and select the material which you want to dispose.  Wake County will give you the location of where you can drop off the item.