The Town of Rolesville is a beautiful bedroom community just outside of Raleigh, and is considered one of the fastest growing communities in North Carolina in an area ranked as one of the best places in the nation to live. The Rolesville Police Department is also a fast growing agency and we are constantly looking for qualified candidates who are interested in a Law Enforcement career with a small, but professional organization. If you are interested in having a satisfying career in Law Enforcement, please consider the Rolesville Police Department.

Hiring Process

The following is a general progression of the application process and will indicate where a candidate is in the hiring process:

  1. Upon a position opening, the position will be listed on the Town’s employment page.  The Town’s employment application, as well as a North Carolina Training and Standards Personal History Statement (F-3) will need to be completed and submitted.

Links to both forms required for applicants are provided below:

Click here to apply for a position with the Rolesville Police Department

Click here for a F-3 Personal History Statement

  1. Pre-screening of applications for disqualifying offenses or conduct
  2. Entry level written examination and Oral Board Interview
  3. Comprehensive Background Investigation
  4. Extension of conditional offer for qualified applicants with command interview
  5. Physical examination, psychological fitness testing and drug screening
  6. Firearms Qualification
  7. Final Offer of Employment

Training & Experience

All applicants must be a high school graduate or have successfully completed a General Education Development (GED) program; however, applicants with university or college degrees are highly desired.

All applicants must possess a valid law enforcement certification from the North Carolina Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission or be enrolled in a North Carolina Basic Law Enforcement Training (BLET) course in order to be considered for employment.

Residency Requirement

All officers employed by the Town of Rolesville must have the ability to respond to the Rolesville Police Department within sixty (60) minutes after notification of an emergency. Officers are also able to utilize the department’s take home patrol car program, provided he or she live within 15 miles of the Rolesville Police Department.

Additional Benefits

  • Take home patrol car program
  • Career ladder program
  • 5% employer contribution to 401K account
  • Individually assigned patrol vehicles
  • All uniforms and equipment supplied by the Town of Rolesville at no cost to the employee

Additions to Salaries

  • Regular merit raises and cost of living adjustments 
  • 5% – Automatic salary increase after six months of employment with the Town of Rolesville

Starting Salary

  • Officers with no prior experience are offered a salary of $40,461; however, officers with significant experience, specialized training/education will be offered a competitive salary reflective of their career experience.

Pay Scale

  • The Rolesville Police Department utilizes a career ladder program that offers pay raises for each advancement to a higher rank. Officers begin at the rank of Police Officer I, with a starting salary of $40,461. Advancement through the ranks of Police Officer II, Master Police Officer, and Senior Police Officer allows for a maximum salary of $69,320 at the rank of Senior Police Officer.