Police Community Programs

 D.A.R.E. Program

D.A.R.E. stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education. Offered to elementary school students, the program educates children and young adults about the dangers of drugs, gangs and violence and teaches them to make healthy life choices.

For more information regarding the D.A.R.E. program, contact by phone 919-556-7226 or by email policeprograms@rolesville.nc.gov

 Shop with a Cop


P.A.L. Program

This program is in the final stages of completion so stay tuned for more information to come.

For more information regarding P.A.L., contact by phone at 919-556-7226 or by email  policeprograms@rolesville.nc.gov

Camp C.A.R.E.

Camp C.A.R.E. (Choices.Accountability.Respect.Excellence) The camp is a FREE camp for up to 50 students (9-12 yrs. old) that offers an opportunity for police officers to reach out to the youth in a positive environment through sports activities and enrichment classes on peer pressure, anti-bullying, and alcohol & drug prevention. We believe that education is the first step needed to equip our youth to face the challenges of growing up in today’s society. The activities and enrichment classes offered are about everyday situations that will allow them to practice making the right choices during difficult circumstances.

For registration, please contact Christina Rocha at 919-556-7226 or email christina.rocha@rolesville.nc.gov or to contact the

Hero 5K SuperHero Mile

The Rolesville Police Department is host two races in the fall; The HERO 5K is a competitive race for everyone and features a course through the Town of Rolesville. The SUPERHERO MILE is a fun run for those ages 12 and under. Come join our Town Heroes and Super Heroes! All proceeds raised go towards our “Shop With A Cop Program”.

For more information regarding our Hero 5K SuperHero Mile, please contact Christina Rocha at 919-556-7226 or email christina.rocha@rolesville.nc.gov

Coffee with a Cop

Join your neighbors and the Rolesville Police Officers for coffee and conversation. No agendas or speeches, just a chance to ask questions, voice your concerns, and get to know the officers in your community. The mission of “Coffee with a Cop” is to break down the barriers between police officers and the citizens they serve and building community policing one cup at a time. The “Coffee with a Cop” is from 8:30 am – 10 am and the event takes place quarterly throughout the year.

For more information regarding our “Coffee with a Cop”, please contact Christina Rocha at 919-556-7226 or email christina.rocha@rolesville.nc.gov


House Check Program

The Rolesville Police Department provides a free property security check for citizens who will be away from their residence for an extended period, not to exceed 14 days. This program is a public service to help safeguard citizens’ property and allow the department to notify homeowners in the event of a problem regarding their residence. As part of the program, registered homes are periodically checked by the department during the homeowner’s absence. Police officers patrol the property to ensure the home is secure and that the windows and doors are locked and undamaged. If an officer discovers that the residence has been broken into or a crime has occurred, the designated “emergency contact” will be notified so the residence can be secured and appropriate police action taken.

For more information regarding our House Check Program, please contact Christina Rocha at 919-556-7226 or email christina.rocha@rolesville.nc.gov

Bike Rodeo

The Rolesville Police Department’s Bike Rodeo is a program offered to elementary school children to emphasize safe bicycle riding. Police officers set up bicycle riding courses for the kids and perform a safety inspection on participant’s bikes.  Free food and prizes are given to all participants as well as a certificate of completion.  This event is usually held on a Saturday in May.

For more information regarding the Bike Rodeo, contact by phone at 919-556-7226 or by email  policeprograms@rolesville.nc.gov

Telephone Reassurance Program

Telephone Reassurance is a program sponsored by the Rolesville Police Department.  This service is available at no cost to its users and is open to anyone who lives alone, 55 years of age or older, or any adult with a physical disability residing in the Rolesville town limits. Telephone Reassurance provides a friendly and familiar voice to people who live alone and feel isolated from the community because of their homebound status.

The program operates Monday thru Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.  A trained representative calls between the hours listed above to assure safety and provide a sense of caring.  If there is not an answer, an emergency contact person must verify the well-being of the individual.

For more information regarding Telephone Reassurance Program, please contact Christina Rocha at 919-556-7226 or email christina.rocha@rolesville.nc.gov

 Internet Exchange Program

Potential users of websites such as “Craigslist” and other online services will now be able to use the side parking lot of the Rolesville Police Department, located at 204 Southtown Circle. While a large number of Internet transactions go without issues, the Rolesville Police Department wants to reduce the risk of fraudulent activity by providing a safe zone. The zone is clearly marked by signs and video recorded 24 hours a day.

For more information regarding Internet Exchange Program, please contact 919-556-7226 or email  policeprograms@rolesville.nc.gov

Medicine Disposal Program

To make it easier for citizens of Rolesville to dispose of their expired or unwanted medications – both prescription and over-the-counter: a medication drop box is available in the lobby at the Rolesville Police Department, located at 204 Southtown Cir. Office hours are Monday – Friday from 8 am – 5 pm. Closed for lunch from 12 – 1 pm. Liquid medications, ointments, illicit drugs and items with a needle are not accepted.

For more information regarding Medicine Disposal Program, please contact Christina Rocha at 919-556-7226 or email christina.rocha@rolesville.nc.gov

 Bicycle Safety Helmet Program

Rolesville Police Department promotes a positive “Bicycle Helmet Safety Citation” to the youth wearing a safety helmet while bike riding in the Rolesville community between April 1 thru September 30 each year. According to NHTSA, Traffic Safety Facts, motor vehicle crashes were the leading cause of death for children ages 4 through 14. Of the 45,000 pedal cyclist that were injured, eighteen percent were 14 and younger. The injury and death rate statistics of juveniles while operating bicycles on the streets without proper bicycle safety training and equipment were alarming.

The Rolesville Police Department partners with McDonald’s of Rolesville to help sponsor the program by providing the police officers with “Be Our Guest” ( ice cream cone gift card) to give the youth that are spotted wearing a bike helmet while bike riding in the community giving them a positive “Bicycle Helmet Safety Citation”.

For more information regarding Bicycle Safety Helmet Program, please contact Christina Rocha at 919-556-7226 or email christina.rocha@rolesville.nc.gov

Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over Program

Impairment Goggles are an internationally popular hands-on prevention tool used to educate people of all ages about the consequences alcohol misuse and abuse. The goggles use a special lens technology that allows the wearer to experience a realistic simulation of impairment. Participants experience how alcohol impairs a person’s balance, vision, reaction time, and judgment. Simple activities with the goggles, such as walking a line “heel-to-toe”, standing on one leg, reaching out to grab a set of car keys, or tossing a ball, become effective teaching moments as the participant experiences how susceptible they are to potentially dangerous consequences.

Participants will perform simple sobriety tests without the goggles to establish a sober baseline.

The exercise is then repeated while wearing the goggles. Participants typically struggle to maintain their balance, equilibrium, reaction time, targeting and will exhibit behaviors similar to an individual under the influence of alcohol.

Participants gain an understanding of the impact of alcohol on their ability to function. The experience can be used to support lessons about impaired driving, high risk or binge drinking, underage drinking or any initiative dealing with the misuse and abuse of alcohol

For more information regarding Drive Sober or Get Pulled over Program, contact 919-556-7226 or email  policeprograms@rolesville.nc.gov

Operation Porch Light

Flip on your light to put crime in sight. All auto break-ins usually have one thing in common: there’s something left in the car worth stealing. Most larcenies from cars are “crimes of opportunity” that could be prevented by taking some preventative steps. The Rolesville Police department recommends the following: Turn on your exterior porch and driveway lights, Lock ALL of your vehicle’s doors, Don’t leave valuables in your vehicle, etc.

For more information regarding Operation Porch Light, please contact Christina Rocha at 919-556-7226 or email christina.rocha@rolesville.nc.gov