Adopted Plans

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In 2007, the Town of Rolesville called together elected officials, town staff, and area citizens to create a vision for the Town of Rolesville. These people put together a community plan which points in the direction that everyone felt Rolesville needed to go. Click here to download a copy of the text for the Community Plan and click here to download a copy of the Future Land Use Plan Map associated with the Community Plan.

Open Space and Greenways Plan

In 2002, the Town of Rolesville participated with Wake County and surrounding municipalities in simultaneously adopting open space and greenway plans specific for each municipality. The Town of Rolesville adopted an Open Space and Greenways Master Plan for the purpose of protecting the natural and cultural resources that community residents value most, and supporting and enhancing its small town heritage. The Town’s Open Space Plan is consistent with a larger, comprehensive Open Space Plan for Wake County. Rolesville’s adopted Open Space and Greenway Plan calls for stream buffer zones for six local stream corridors, natural and pedestrian use greenway corridors, scenic road designation for at least five key traffic corridors, and bike routes. Click here to view the adopted map.  To view the document in its entirety, please contact the Planning Department.

Transportation Plan

In 2002, the Town of Rolesville completed a Transportation Plan for the town and the surrounding area. Through this, the Town Board adopted design criteria, a thoroughfare plan, and renderings to use as a tool to manage the growth of Rolesville. Click here to download a copy of the Thoroughfare Plan map in PDF format.  To view the entire document, please contact the Planning Department.

Bicycle Plan

In 2012, Rolesville, in cooperation with NCDOT and J.S. Lane Company, LLC, developed a comprehensive bicycle planning document and process by studying Rolesville and its zoning jurisdiction.  The purpose of the Plan was to provide recommendations on physical infrastructure, programs, policies, and implementation concepts that would help Rolesville improve its cycling environment in terms of safety and the encouragement of more cycling.  Follow links below for the Comprehensive Bicycle Plan:

Bicycle Plan

Bicycle Plan Project Recommendations Map

Hazard Mitigation Plan

Hazard mitigation planning is a process in which hazards are identified and profiled, people and facilities at risk are assessed for threat and vulnerability, and then mitigation actions are developed.  The result of the process is an integrated and coordinated effort to mitigate hazards and to lessen the impact of damage caused by those hazards to life, the economy, our infrastructure, and our ability to continue to operate as a community and town. The Wake County Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan, a collaborative effort between local municipal and county government agencies, is an attempt to document these actions and to prioritize implementation efforts.

Hazard Mitigation Plan