Town Ordinance


The Town of Rolesville has ordinances in place to guide the town, keep order, and to protect the citizen’s health, safety, and general welfare.  There are two (2) main sections of the town ordinances.

The first section is the Town Code.  This code handles issues such as the organization of town government, rules on traffic, businesses, environmental protection, etc.  The second section is the Unified Development Ordinance or UDO.  The UDO handles development standards, land usage, zoning regulations, signage, telecommunication standards, etc.  The Town Code is enforced by the Administration and Police department staff and the UDO is enforced by the Planning department staff.

For more information on the Town Code, see the links below or contact the Town Manager or Town Clerk at 919.556.3506.

Title I: General Provisions

Title III: Administration

Title V: Public Works

Title VII: Traffic Code

Title IX: General Regulations

Title XI: Business Regulations

Title XIII: General Offenses

Title XV: Land Usage

For more information on the UDO, please contact the Planning Department at 919.554.6517.  You may visit the UDO webpage here.