Commercial Development Opportunities

In Rolesville, NC, we are experiencing good, solid, steady residential growth and have been for some time. As a professional in commercial development, you may be researching communities for your next investment and you may have clients that are doing the same. The Board of Commissioners and leadership team in Rolesville are proactively seeking new retail concepts for our community and that our residents can and will support. Working with Retail Strategies, we have developed a Rolesville Market Guide _May2017 that should answer most of your questions about our trade area and related demographics.

Please reach out to us directly or forward our contact information to your clients for which this data may be relevant.  Our website is linked to Xceligent for available properties and can be found here: . We look forward to hearing from you and we invite you and your clients to visit our community to explore Rolesville as the potential location for new commercial investment.