Mayor & Commissioners

The Town of Rolesville has an elected body comprised of a Mayor and five (5) Commissioners.  The responsibility of the Town Board is to review, hear, consider, and approve/disapprove items of business affecting the town residents.  The mission of the Board of Commissioners is to uphold the values and traditions that make Rolesville, the second oldest incorporated Town in Wake County, a very special place to live.  It is the Board’s desire to make sure that Rolesville continues to be progressive in its attitude and outlook towards change, all the while maintaining its small town charm and friendly neighborhood communities.

The Town of Rolesville Board of Commissioners meet on the first and the third Tuesday of every month.  All meetings begin at 7:00 pm and are held at Town Hall located at 502 Southtown Circle.

This web page is set up to educate who the Town of Rolesville Board of Commissioners are and to inform everyone of the meetings dates and items of business.