About Rolesville


The Town of Rolesville is a small town in northeastern Wake County in North Carolina.  Wake County is the largest county (by population) in the State of North Carolina and contains the state’s capital city of Raleigh.  Wonder where in the world Rolesville is geographically located?  Rolesville is the second oldest town in Wake County originally incorporated in 1837.  Only the City of Raleigh is older than than the Town of Rolesville.

Rolesville roots began as a humble farming community of which many large family tracks are still cultivated today.  Most of the large family farms in the heart of Rolesville have been developed into residential or commercial subdivisions, allowing Rolesville to become one of the top three fastest growing communities in our state every year since 2005.

The Town was named after William H. Roles who was a local land owner, merchant, cotton broker, cotton gin owner, and postmaster.  Mr. Roles drew up the map of Rolesville for the town’s first incorporation in 1837 and started the first school in the community.  He was among the charter members of Rolesville Baptist Church and also served on the Board of Trustees of the earlier Wake Forest College.  Mr. Roles  was a man of leadership ability, prominence, and a generous giver to worthwhile causes.

The town was fenced from corner post to corner post.  Gates were installed on the two main roads that cross each other in the area that is now known as downtown Rolesville.  The town was fenced, not to keep people out but rather to keep animals in.  It has been said that the fences were taken down in 1941 when US 401 (North and South Main Streets) was paved.  Two of the four original cornerstones of the town limits still stand today.

In 1976, Mrs. Eloise Averette Freeman wrote the book “Our Past – The History of the Greater Rolesville Area” to give the history of Rolesville.  If you would like to have a digital copy of this book, please contact Rolesville Town Hall at (919) 556-3506.

Rolesville guides our future by embracing the past.  Farming is still a major component to the community which helps us keep the goal having a small town atmosphere but being close to the larger city style amenities.


The current demographic statistics for Rolesville are as follows:

  • Median Age: 36 years old
  • Married: 62%
  • Median family income: $73,156
  • Existing households: 2,113 homes
  • Education: 80% graduated high school and 50% have a bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Race: 74% White, 18% African-American, 3% Asian, and 6.1% Other Race or Mixed, and 0.4% Native American